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Project Description

National Geographic – Photo of the day wallpaper changer can automatically set your desktop background to the Photo of the Day. You can switch between automatic and manual changing of wallpaper. Daily archive can be enabled to archive daily image automatically. You can also use the advanced archiving options to archive images between any (currently available between 1st Jan 2009 and Today) given dates.

Link to National Geographic Photo of the Day

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Future of this project

The goal of the project is to build an event triggered wallpaper management system, where desktop visualization is triggered by events like, Time of day, Weather conditions, National Holidays, Religious fastivals, your life events like your anniversary, birthday etc.

You will be able to add/remove wallpaper packs in your inventory. Wallpaper packs will be used to change your desktop visualizations based on the event triggers.

You will also be able to create and publish your own wallpaper packs.

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